Food: Off-Campus

Hong Kong has some of the best food in the world. I’ve eaten meals here which I would rank as some of the greatest I’ve ever had. As you might expect, none of these incredible dishes can be found in a cheap canteen on a university campus. To experience what Hong Kong has to offer, … More Food: Off-Campus

Food: On-Campus

Now that my exam (yes, just the one) is finally over, I have some time to reflect on my first semester here at HKUST before I fly home for Christmas on the 20th. So I decided to write about the food here on campus; which is actually quite a significant factor when it comes to … More Food: On-Campus

Accommodation at HKUST

There’s something really interesting happening at HKUST right now which has inspired me to write a much less interesting post. So the university is currently changing its policy for allocating rooms in on-campus accommodation. What’s interesting is that the administration is attempting to make this more like an open debate on how the rules should … More Accommodation at HKUST

The world’s biggest picnic, every Sunday

A few weeks after I arrived in Hong Kong, I was wandering through the Central district with a friend when we stumbled across something slightly bizarre. There were thousands upon thousands of Filipina and Indonesian women lining the sides of the pathways, sitting or lying upon large pieces of cardboard. Some were sleeping, others singing, … More The world’s biggest picnic, every Sunday

Cathay Pacific City

A few years ago, I watched a Japanese TV drama series called Attention Please, about a tomboy rocker girl who decides to become a flight attendant to impress a boy. She then has to overcome all kinds of obstacles and impress her strict no-nonsense instructor to achieve her new life goal. The show was your … More Cathay Pacific City