A series of observations

What’s up, nerds?

I know I said I would be posting more, and then just totally didn’t. The reason is because I haven’t had enough time to compose a proper blog post. Between classes, homework, studying for quizzes, traveling, planning for traveling, attending all kinds of events and skyping people back home, I just haven’t found a moment. I was going to write something up yesterday but I ended up spending the day drinking Tsingtao on a party boat. Oh well.

Despite the hornets, the boat party was a resounding success.

In fact, I’m writing this post in the middle of an Image Processing lecture. I’ve already studied this topic so it’s fine I’m sure. I will still write extended posts here about studying here, I just need time to experience things more and develop fuller and more personal opinions about life and culture here. Until then, here’s an assortment of random observations I’ve had which I want to share but don’t warrant their own blog post.

  • Loads of people here wear shoes with no socks. They’re not wearing sandals, just regular old normal size shoes but no socks. Why? Don’t their feet get all sweaty and clammy? Isn’t it uncomfortable? Is this a fashion thing? I’m so confused by this.
  • Hong Kongers love wafers. If you go into a convenience store or supermarket, half of the sweet things aisle is reserved just for all kinds of wafers. Cheap ones, ones with chocolate inside, fancy ones imported from Italy and Germany! I’m not complaining, they’re cheap and pretty tasty, I just find it interesting.
  • The noise that the traffic lights make when it’s time to cross is like a tiny baby jackhammer being used on a mug.
  • I keep seeing locals wearing t-shirts with bizarre English phrases on it. It’s very different to the Engrish you’ll see in Japan, for example, the English on shirts here is typically grammatically correct. However, they’re just so strange. For example, a guy wearing a shirt that reads “I AM BOY”, a woman wearing a jumper that says “THE MOST THE LEAST“, a boy wearing a top reading “PLAY PLAY YES“. You’d never see stuff like this in the UK. I don’t know why I find this so funny.
  • The meat here is pretty much always served on the bone, or with all the cartilage and inedible parts inside. They don’t filet it like at home. It does taste much better this way, but it’s very inconvenient to eat. I end up putting the whole piece in my mouth, nibbling off all the good stuff, then subtly returning it to my plate. How else do you strip the meat off with only chopsticks? What do they want from me?
  • The norm here is not to have a soft drink with your meal, or even water, but rather tea or coffee. There are all kinds of tea and coffee on offer in most places: iced, with evaporated milk, with lemon, a mix of the two, bubble tea, maybe even iced mocha! I don’t like tea but I am finding myself drinking iced coffee very often here.
  • Mouthwash is extremely expensive here. Like £4-8 for a single bottle. All toiletries are really expensive here, to be honest. Maybe that’s why I keep smelling some awful stank breath in the lifts.
  • All the different societies set up booths and stalls advertising themselves and recruiting new members in the first week. Kind of like the fresher’s fair at home, but for the whole week. The committee members sit together at their desk all day, taking shifts I guess, chatting or working on their laptops in between talking to prospective members. I thought this was cool when I first saw it, and they were getting a lot of attention. The thing is, they’re still there, almost a month later. I haven’t seen anyone approach them in weeks. Why are they still recruiting? Go home guys.
  • I haven’t been ID’d once. Not in bars, not in supermarkets, not in restaurants. Is it because I look so mature? Or because they can’t tell the age of pasty Irish guys? Maybe they’re just less strict than in the UK? Who knows.
  • I keep seeing Asian girls with hand-sanitiser bottles attached to their backpacks like a keyring. I actually think this is pretty neat. Anyway, never saw it back home.

So there are some short thoughts about my life here in crazy old Hong Kong. Expect more blog posts… eventually? I’m trying guys but I just ain’t got the time right now. Maybe that’s a testament to how awesome and exciting Hong Kong is. Or maybe it’s a testament to how much of a lazy scrub I am.

See ya later,

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